WHY Choose Us?

Choosing the school that's right for your child isn't an easy task. And we may be biased, but we think you'll love the Mosquero Municipal Schools educational experience. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Dedicated to Your Child's Success

We know and love the students who come to MMS, and we're dedicated to their current and future success. We believe every student can be successful, and our commitment to you and your child reflects that. The programs and services we offer at Mosquero Municipal Schools will help prepare your child for a successful future.

Small Class Size

One of the great benefits of a small school is that we know each student individually and can personalize our teaching strategies. The small classroom size ensures that we focus on the needs of your children and teach the way they learn best.

Excellent Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff here at MMS are highly qualified and passionate about teaching. Each one cares about your children and wants to see them succeed. Our teachers work with your children to help them develop the knowledge and skills they'll need for long-term success in the classroom and beyond.

Supportive Community

Another benefit of living in a small town is that we know our neighbors and are there for each other. We have a very supportive community that cares about educating young people and opening up their future. We know you'll enjoy our friendly community.