CLUBS & Activities

At Mosquero Municipal Schools, we offer a wide variety of clubs and activities as part of our extracurricular program. These activities provide fun opportunities for students to discover and build talents and skills, make new friends, and create lasting memories.

Join a Club

Students who participate in clubs and activities must meet the eligibility requirements found in the student handbook. Here are some of the activities and clubs we offer:


Founded in 1928, the mission of the Future Farmers of America was to prepare future generations for farming. Today, the organization helps the next generation develop their talents and prepare for a range of careers. Students have the opportunity to gain leadership skills and explore career options.

Harding County Roundup

The Harding County Roundup is a student-generated newspaper that allows our students to get involved in journalism and learn all aspects of running a business. We also help out our community by producing a paper that brings information to a central location where it can be shared with community members.

Media Club

Students in Media Club learn valuable skills and explore career opportunities in the areas of journalism, communications, and technology.