Preschool Teacher with Students Eating Popsicles
School building and students with teacher

Mosquero Municipal Schools in the News

We think the students and staff at Mosquero Municipal Schools are top-notch, and we love to share the good news and events happening around here. Check back often, and we'll keep you up-to-date on the many endeavors and accomplishments of our wonderful student body and staff.

Mosquero Connected

Mosquero Connected - We are plugged into your online educational needs! If one of the following describes your needs:

  • Flexible schedule for classes
  • You live too far away from a public school, but would like the opportunity for our kids to be a part of a class for prom, school athletics, and even field trips.
  • Rodeo kids? Great way to work on your education but still have that critical arena time in the heart of your day!
  • Adult classes to finish your diploma (must enroll soon due to new legislation capping age at 21 for next year)!

We can provide educational curriculum for students regardless of age or location. For more information, please view our flyer.

If you are ready to enroll, please download our Mosquero Connected Enrollment Form.