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We think the students and staff at Mosquero Municipal Schools are top-notch, and we love to share the good news and events happening around here. Check back often, and we'll keep you up-to-date on the many endeavors and accomplishments of our wonderful student body and staff.

New Mexico Teacher Of The Year Finalist

Congratulations to high school teacher Donna Hazen, finalist for New Mexico teacher of the year! Being a teacher in the public school system was not Donna Hazen’s lifetime goal. All she wanted to be was a wife, mom, and homemaker. However, life moved her into a full time teaching career. Her degree in motherhood taught her how to be sensitive to the child that struggled with health, self-esteem, bullying, and learning issues.

Knowing the consequences of the above issues, Donna dedicated her teaching career to the child, not the subject. It has been her heart’s cry that her students discover their worth in society and their gifts and talents. Donna tells her students, “The world is your classroom, so let’s see what you do with your world.”   

Please take a moment to view the online teacher spotlight to learn more about Donna Hazen.