We believe that the primary purpose of Mosquero Schools is to help all its students develop those abilities and attitudes that will enable them to be effective and constructive citizens and will help them to accept their responsibilities in our democratic society.

We believe that in order to achieve this purpose, Mosquero Schools shall provide experiences that encourage maximum development of knowledge, skills, and interests of all youth, regardless of individual abilities or differences.

Student Smiling
School building and students with teacher

Get To Know Our District

Our school district is located in the small community of Mosquero, New Mexico, about 160 miles east of Santa Fe, in the eastern corner of New Mexico. We're in Harding County, a county with a mere 700-plus residents, and we love our safe, friendly community and sweeping views of the prairie.

Our district consists of two schools and a pre-k program serving just over 100 students. Our small size allows us to customize our curriculum and provide students with personalized attention in small classroom settings.

Mission Statement

To educate the students of the Mosquero Municipal School District to be the best people they can be.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to give the students of the Mosquero Municipal School District the best possible education through a team effort involving the community and school.

We will provide a safe, healthy, and pleasant environment in which to educate our children as well as the community.

We will continue to improve the curriculum overall and provide new programs to further our children’s education.

We will place a high value on individual development across the curriculum.  

We will strive to find qualified administration and staff who exhibit high values, integrity, and commitment.  

We are committed to staff development.